Review: Jehu Bikewear

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There is no better place to parade your best cycling gear as an amateur cyclist than RideLondon. The mighty crowds that line the streets and of course, your fellow 26,000 strong peloton.

I was lucky enough to try out the Jehu ‘Sayagata’ range on the day of RideLondon, and what better way to test a kit out in front of so many eyes and putting it through 100 miles of riding.

And so to test the kit we are going to rate it on its #PAF rating (Pro as Fuck Rating) . The more hashtags, the better!


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Look and Fit

First off all, the name ‘Sayagata’. This refers to the pattern on the sleeves, side panelling and bibs. It is very distinctive but very modest and sleek in appearance.

Upon reading the descriptions on the Jehu website, I was recommended to size down on the jersey to ensure a tight, aero fit. The jersey stretches really well and has a great fit around the body. The silicon edges along the bottom of the jersey prevent it from riding up too far, when you’re in that tucked in ‘Froomey position’. The Sleeves are a fair length, certainly not pro length, which is good for your tan lines. And the combination of laser cut edges with the silicon finish on the inside is both aero and prevents the sleeves from riding up your arm.

The bib shorts also have a modest sleek finish with the patterned area just round the aero gripper of the shorts, tying in nicely with the jersey. The inside of the bibs is white, which when stretched around a cyclist’s thighs shines through giving a grey finish. This is a nice design feature as it breaks up the black and white that is throughout the kit.

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The jersey Retails at £64.99 and the Bibs at £89.99, a fair price for the combo. The kit looks great and has the appeal of rarity on the road. It isn’t the most advanced kit on the market, which is reflected in the price, but is certainly a good bargain to look stylish on the road.

#PAFrating # # # #

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Jersey – The soft Italian fabric was comfortable against the skin. No need to wear a base layer if you don’t want to. The fabric is breathable but certainly not to the extent of a climber’s jersey. Starting early on a fairly brisk Sunday morning and finishing later in the morning, it kept me warm enough for the early start but also cool close to lunch when the temperature had increased dramatically, with no need to unzip and flash some skin.

Bib Shorts – I have never used the Elastic Interface Tour HP Chamois before. But after a few minutes’ riding, I quickly adjusted. It doesn’t feel as heavily padded as other chamois on the market but due to the triple density it is still very comfortable. After 4 hours of riding I wasn’t itching to get out of the shorts like you find with some bibs. The length of the leg is a perfect blend between purist and pro, and like the jersey, the shorts don’t ride up.

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The storage on the Jersey is great, ideal if you are riding 100 miles without stopping. The pockets are very deep and allowed me to fit 4 Clif bars, 4 gels, a pump, inner tube, air canister, tyre levers and my phone very comfortably, so no need for an ugly saddle bag! The pockets do stretch considerably which is useful. The only downside being that they come quite high up on your back, meaning sometimes it was difficult to reach round whilst riding and grab what you were looking for.

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A good price for a really good looking kit. Performs well with its tight yet comfortable fit and deep pockets for those long rides or expensive cafes.

#PAFrating # # # #

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Visit Jehu Here

Big thanks to Jehu for allowing us to try the kit out.

Photos by Mark Roberts.

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