Review: PedalBites

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For the last couple of weeks TDCC have been lucky enough to test out a selection of PedalBites’ products. We split up into 2 for this, Josh took on the energy bars while Justin handled the balls… This is how we got on:


Nuts about Grains: Definitely my favourite of the of four bars. A great source of protein from the Almonds, Brazil nuts and Peanuts, whilst also being high in those essential carbs to keep you moving. This is the more savoury of the four bars as you would expect being stuffed with nuts, which is great if you have had a few too many sweet gels. Ideal for eating within the first hour of a long ride or immediately after more muscle repair.

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Fruity Fuel: A great mid-ride snack. Packed full of carbs and natural sugars to keep you going. Love the fruity flavour from the cranberries and texture from the chia seeds. This possibly is the only downside to the bar: you do tend to find seeds in your mouth for a while after eating. Good for taking your mind off the pain though!

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Get up and Go: The chocolate flavour from the Cacao is a big winner for us! We all crave a chocolate bar every now and then on the bike. ‘Get up and Go’ being the healthy alternative but still packed with the all the bonuses! Recommended mid/end of a long ride when in need of a little pick me up. Also goes very well with a cup of coffee.
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Lets Go Apre: The most fruity of the bars, rammed with the energising natural sugars from the prunes and apricots. A great treat for when you are in need of the that last burst of energy. You also get a hint of chocolate from the Cacao nibs which is a lovely taste that lasts on the tongue.

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The variety of tastes and texture is one the best things about the bars. Each bar could be used at different points of a ride, as and when you need them, but also offer different flavours; from the sweet ‘Lets go Apre’ to the slightly more savoury ‘Nuts about Grains’ so you don’t find yourself craving a chocolate bar or packet of crisps mid ride. I was also a big fan of the foil packaging. It’s so simple and easy to access when riding. You don’t need to chew at a piece of plastic and risk flying over the handle bars, just simply unfold and stuff it in your gob.



Le Roulier: Probably my favourite of the three varieties. These are fruity tasting, courtesy of the cranberry and desiccated coconut and are, in my opinion, the sweetest flavour. They provide a good hit of energy and remind me of the energy balls that are sold in Whole Foods Market, although the Pedalbites recipe is much tastier!

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Get up and Go: These were eaten at a coffee stop, 50km into an intense 100km ride. Josh’s first words were “Mmm, chocolatey!” This was down to the cocoa powder and cacao nibs in this recipe. Again, these were tasty, and provided a good pick-me-up although they weren’t quite as sweet as Le Roulier. More delicious, natural nutrition.

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Re-energiser: The nutty taste came through immediately, which isn’t surprising as the recipe includes cashews and almonds. These aren’t as sweet as the other two, but provided some much needed sustenance towards the end of the ride at a point where I was completely devoid of energy and on the verge of bonking. At first I wasn’t sure, but in spite of that, all 3 balls were eaten in a matter of seconds and within a few minutes, I felt the difference. Anyone who doesn’t like the sickly taste of gels should probably give these a try (as long as you’re not allergic to nuts) – 8/10

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Verdict: if you’re tired of synthetic, overly sweet gels and the usual energy bars and foods that are on the market, all 3 of these offer a great alternative. They are made from natural ingredients and the recipes use prunes and chia seeds amongst other things, so these are an excellent alternative and provide a vital boost during rides without having to resort to products that sound like they’ve been created in a lab!

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I still think that gels have their place, and on the 100km ride where most of these were eaten, I think I would have benefitted from having one caffeine gel towards the end of the ride for a bit more of a kick, but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these to anyone who wants to try something different and I’m sure I’ll be stocking up on more of these!




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