Matt Stanbury

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 19.52.04Tell us about yourself?

I’m a 29 year old designer from Devon. I worked in London for 7 years and now live closer to home ,after all southwest is best! I got into cycling 8 years ago starting off with a mongoose single speed bike! I have a soft spot for cake and coffee… did i mention cake already???

How did GloriousCC begin? 

Glorious began, because I really wanted to create a little collective with my mates and most importantly with my father too! We are all about the Sunday ride and big and small adventures!

My aim was to create a sharp looking kit, after all I’m a designer by day. I also wanted to create a group of riders who don’t have the pressure of racing but can give it ago if they want! Having being in a club where I tried racing I soon realised I didn’t like the pressure, even though I won quite a few times!


What does being a part of GloriousCC mean to you?

Being a part of GCC to me is all about riding lots, enjoying your bike and sharing good times with friends! GCC also love a good cake and coffee stop 😛 I feel like every time I put on the GCC kit I get a sense of pride and it’s just great to share it with my friends!

Image-4We see Glorious working with a lot of Brands, is there anyone in particular you would like to work with?

Yeah it’s been great working with some big name brands and some more niche ones! I know people must feel like… how come he gets all that stuff… But, all I’ve done is ride my bike! I look at it as hard work paying off after all doing 15,000 miles a year can get pretty tiring. If I could work with any other brands right now… it would have to be Giro,  love their shoes and I love their helmets too!

Does Glorious have anything up its sleeve for the future?

Good question! Right now, I am just going with the flow, I often get people asking if the kit is for sale, so it’s possible that a new kit will be available in the future! I have got some tees and caps coming very soon… so watch this space!


What has been your favourite place to ride and where would you most like to ride?

So far it has to be the Pyrenees! I did the Devil’s Pitchfork last year which is a timed ride covering 115 miles and 5 mountains! I was trying to go hard but you cannot resist looking at the awesome scenery! I love climbing too!!!


Have you set yourself any goals on the bike this year?

This year, I am doing quite a few ultra distance rides such as a 300 mile loop of Devon and Rapha M2L for the 3rd time! We have a great event that almost every member will be doing which is Rise Above. Strava wise i’m having some time off doing those challenges but I will certainly do 10,000 miles this year. Taking it easy haha

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 19.09.07

All photos were supplied by GloriousCC.

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