Liam Yates


Who is Liam Yates?


Liam Yates, 22 (although people think I look 16) from East Sussex, Scorpio.


The Big question, what is the best and worst thing about being the son of Sean Yates?


Well I would have to say the best is, that when it comes to cycling, everything is golden, whether it be asking for advice, going to a race, or getting an insight into the top tier of the sport. He knows his stuff!


As for the worst part that’s easy, trying to keep up with him on training rides!! He still has some power left.


Now that’s out of the way, how is life at Neon-Velo Cycling this year?


My 5th year racing and it has been a good one with NEON-VELO, racing and being in a team with your friends is a great thing. There are still a few races left so I hope my best result is yet to come.



You have also started racing in the Fixed Gear Crits such as RHC (Brave Man!), how are you getting on?


YES! and what great fun it is. I am doing okay, I feel as luck plays more of a part or maybe I just need to make my own?

London Nocturne was my first race but a puncture put me out of the front group, from then I was hooked. Love the simplicity of the track bike.


How do you find the FG Crits in comparison to the Road?


I only brought the track bike earlier this year after a friend told me how great the RHC series is. London No2 was one of the best events I’ve been apart of, I’m psyched to be off to Barcelona for the next round at the end of the month, I have joined a new team for the track crits and this will be my first race for them, So keep your eyes peeled for IRD CARRERA SQUADRA CORSE!


What’s your favourite move in a race/proudest moment on 2 wheels?


Proudest moment on 2 wheels has to be back in 2011 when I was used to riding a slightly different bike. I came first place in the Forest Row BMX champs, it was an awesome day out.


What’s your favourite place to ride?


I love riding in Majorca, it feels like my second home. A good Majorca training camp with all my mates is definitely my favourite part of the season.


We hear you are racing in France soon?  Tell us more..


Indeed, in September I am off to Brittany to race with my brother, as long as I make it there, that is. I will be riding from the port to his apartment I think it’s around 130 miles so hopefully I won’t get lost. He has been living out there all season so will be good to race together again. I’ve missed those French bakeries!


What’s in the Future for Liam Yates?


The future… I just plan on trying to have a good time, follow the heart, and maybe win some races😅



Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 19.13.36




Photo Credits top to bottom: Nathaniel Rosa, Syed Khairi, Callum Lowe, Dave Hayward, Joe Sutton and Jon Baines.

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