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‘The socks maketh the kit’.

Yes, they really do. As Sean has said in the past “There is nothing worse than when someone is wearing stylish cycling apparel and messes up the look with socks which fail to meet the aforementioned criteria.”

We all wear sunglasses to protect our eyes from the sun and to stop anything flying into them. Well now there’s another reason; To tone down the vibrance and bold designs of Sako7Socks, we just can’t take our eyes of fthem! Just like many of you, we are huge fans of Sean’s handiwork here at Thedomestiquecc, so its only right we get to know the brand and man behind it, because lets face it, he’s pretty damn cool.

So how did it all happen? Well, one night, late… while pondering love, peace & all good happiness stuff, he was staring at his refurbished vintage bike, looking at the name on the down tube, which had been masterfully placed there by his mechanic / spray painter, Jared. It was SAKO 7. On the top tube, there was a pair of his favorite high top socks, and then it all dawned on him, ‘SAKO7SOCKS’ and so it all began.
It started with socks, and so the slogan is the root of all creation: ‘The socks maketh the kit’
All of SAKO’s designs for his cycling apparel, bottles and caps are influenced by his socks. Unique, yes.
However, the designs of SAKO7 are influenced by either Sean’s life experiences, famous artists, individuals or movies which have made an imprint on his life. He says his designs must have a story behind them, a book about his life.
Photo Credit: Ingo Deutschländer. Sean Riding the cobbles of Bo Kaap, Cape Town.

Photo Credit: Ingo Deutschländer. Sean Riding the cobbles of Bo Kaap, Cape Town.

Aside from your passion for socks, we know that you love riding your bike! Where is your favourite place to ride?

Cape Town, South Africa is my home town. We have the most majestic coast line. However, my favorite place in Cape Town to ride must be the old Table Mountain road and Signal Hill, awesome riding and superb views.

In the rest of the world, Bourg d’Oisans, France. I love France.
We see a lot of geometric shapes within your designs, is  where do you gain your inspiration behind these designs?
Designs have to be bold and daring. However, my designs must have a story about them, I think this is what keeps me and my brand unique.
Who would you most like to collaborate with in the pro peloton?
Maybe One Pro Cycling. Although they are not Pro-Tour yet, I believe that this team is going to go places in the future. I’m certain they will be signing bigger names in the years to come.
Who knows maybe we will see a SAKO7 – One Pro Cycling Team kit.
However… the  only issue here is I don’t sponsor. It’s not what my brand is about, but I know that if you want to stand out in a crowd and to be noticed. Go with a SAKO7.


We’re big fans of #sockdoping and see that you have branched out into other items of kit, what’s next for Sako7?
I think I’m going to leave it with socks, overshoes, bidons and kit. What I will do is expand my offering with regards to kit. Long sleeve jerseys and gilets. We have recently released the prototype of our aero sock – SAKOsonic socks it has been made in conjunction with Bioracer. This I’m certain will be the ultimate #sockdoping sock.
Of all your designs, which are your favourite (we love Pro Solitude!)?
It’s such a difficult question. It really depends on my mood and what I want to wear on the day. However, you can never go wrong with Fade to Grey.
Fade to Grey

Fade to Grey

Are you planning on buying another bike, and if so, which one?

Now that’s a brilliant question and good timing on this one as I am looking to get a new bike. I have always ridden Cannondale, and recently changed to RITTE, which I absolutely love, not just for their ride quality but the brand is awesome.

I am contemplating on a new bike in the past I have never been one to go the top of the range and the best of the best, BUT lately if you have notice I have been making a lot of noise on social media about this brand FACTOR. Which originated from the car brand Aston Martin.
The FACTOR ONE is a bike with the most unusual features and I love unusual. These features of course serve an important function and offer ride benefits. Further to my research this bike is pretty much the best of the best. Best carbon, construction, design you name it.
I’m not a car guy, I ride bicycles and that’s where I would put my money is in bicycles
So FACTOR it is.
We just want to say a quick thank you to Sean Sakinofsky for taking the time do this, he really is the coolest cyclist. And if you would like to check out his range click here Sako7Socks

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