Project BAAW 1


I am very excited to announce our latest collaboration with Aprire Bicycles; #projectbaaw.

I was mightily impressed by Phil Dempsey’s (Director at Aprire) vision for the brand and by the factory set up down in Cheam.

From what I’ve seen so far, Phil is an amazing engineer, and the quality of bikes they produce is exceptionally high,but one thing that Aprire is lacking, (and this is by Phil’s own admission) is that ‘cool’ factor.

Aprire have the facilities to produce high quality aluminium and carbon frames with a completely custom paint job, and at a very reasonable price!

So why had I only heard of them recently?

Well, I and Phil both agreed the bikes’ and website’s look, is not at the same level of quality that they are engineered to.


Aprire is a brand built and run by engineers, so naturally everything is about function. The bikes are designed and built to ride exceptionally well, the wheels that come with the bike are chosen for their performance not looks, the website is very clear and easy to use but not particularly exciting etc. But in today’s bicycle market I think the ratio between form and function is edging closer to equal. After all, we all want a bike we can pose with on Instagram !

This is NOT to say the bike will look amazing but ride like a pile of…

It will essentially still be the high quality ride we get with the Aprire brand, but it will also look RAD!

And so, after chatting with Phil, we both had the same vision: To create a bicycle with a story and showcase what Aprire can do.

So far, we have chosen the Inverno frame, which was designed to be an affordable, winter/training bike. We thought it would be best to start with this to see how we get on, and put it to the test through the coming winter months. We have the design and colour scheme ready to go, and we are just waiting on the delivery of frames which should be with us with in the next couple of days.baaw-project

So this is where we are currently at, we are looking to start the paint work of the frame next week and building the following week. I’ll keep you posted.

Cheers, Josh


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