On Test: BLOC Shadow


We have been testing the BLOC Shadow Sunnies. They don’t break the bank, but do they stand up to the pricier options?

Starting at £40 or £50 for the interchangeable lens system, the SHADOW range offers a sharp looking pair of specs for the money. Available in in Matte Black or White/Orange and a wide range of lenses to cover all the UK’s delightful weather conditions.

The frame is made from injected KARBON TX™ offering flexibility, which unlike most products in cycling, is a good thing! They are very lightweight combined with the an adjustable bridge on the nose for a comfortable fit. Finished in the Matte Black option looks very slick on the bike.


The Black Mirrored Cat 3 lens is best suited for the brighter days but still works well in dimmer conditions. Opting for the interchangeable lens system on the slightly more expensive option would offer you great versatility in all weather conditions. On the more chilly of rides the lens do tend to steam up slightly upon stopping at red lights which can be slightly annoying, but upon setting of again immediately clear and offer great peripheral vision.

All in all, the Shadow range offers great value for money. A well styled pair of sunnies that are lightweight, durable and versatile for all weather conditions.

PAF Rating: # # # #

(PRO-AS-FUCK Rating)

Check out the SHADOW range here


Reviewed By Josh



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