What is #ProjectBAAW ?


#ProjectBAAW is a showcase for the some of the leading UK based companies in the road cycling market.


The Aim


  • To produce a road bike that will compete with the best road bike manufacturers.
  • To look visually stunning. Showcasing good design and engineering in the build quality and finish.
  • To be affordable.
  • Demonstrating that the UK is at the forefront of the majority of technologies. Showcasing the best of and potential of the British cycling industry






TheDomestiqueCC– A new cycling collective. The vision is to create a hub for the huge cycling community that we have in the UK.




Aprire – Striving to make bikes that can compete with the best. Using the latest technology so the products are the best they can be. With the vision to be one of the first bike manufacturers to produce carbon road bikes on home turf.




Parcours – Developed to go against the grain. To build an aero wheelset that would deliver tangible benefits, but wouldn’t cost the earth. It didn’t exist. So they decided to make it.



Fabric – The mission is to combine technology, design and a deep understanding of the cycling industry to create a world beating range of products that make the ride better.




We believe that the UK is home to some of the best engineers in the cycling industry, and yet the majority of us still ride bikes that are designed and manufactured outside the UK. Why is that?

Well one factor is ‘price’. Bikes that are manufactured in the UK tend to be more expensive because of the cost of labour.

So what if there was an option that would allow you to purchase a bike that was within your budget and was designed and built in the UK?

All good right? Well not always.

There’s obviously a lot more thought that goes into purchasing a bike than just how much it’s going to cost you. Does it ride well? How does it look? What components does it have?

These are all factors that we think about when investing money into our passion. But why does such little thought go into where it is produced and by whom?

Supporting local business is something you should try to do in your everyday life, whether it be having a coffee in your local café rather than ‘Pret’ or buying an inner tube from your local bike shop rather then Halfords. So how about we spend a few extra minutes thinking about where is this bike going to come from?

The idea behind #projectBAAW is to create a stunning looking road bike with a ride that competes with the best, that uses as many UK brands and manufacturers as possible and yet doesn’t cost the earth!

So join us in our quest to create some home grown #bikeporn and support your local!

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