Tosh and Lauder & TCR #05


Neil Lauder and Ian Tosh.



When I first met Ian Tosh and Neil Lauder we were ‘modelling’ socks for PongoLondon. I could tell instantly they were good cyclists purely on the fact that their legs completely out gunned mine. Although in fairness, that doesn’t take much. We got talking that day, had a laugh posing and have kept I touch since.

A few months back now they informed me of their success on getting a place on this years Transcontential Race! Ian explained to me “Essentially we are just 2 lads who want to do something out of the ordinary, push ourselves to the extreme and embellish a memory for a lifetime and bore our kids with the details when they grow up.” A great quote in itself and one that sums up TCR for a lot of riders.

After following Francis Cades ‘Vlogs’ on the race last year I have had a lot of questions to ask about the race and so why not answer a few with Ian and Neil (Tosh and Lauder).

So first of all, introduce yourselves guys…


Ian: I’m 35 year old, 3 kids and a very forgiving wife, currently racing for Langdale Lightweights in Nottingham who have helped with kit so far this year.  I work in the military as an Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor within the Royal Army Physical Training Corps.  Currently I conduct accelerated rehabilitation for all troops based in Central London. 


Neil: I’m 34 years old, engaged with a new addition to our lives (6month old boy) currently race for PMR@ToachimHouse. I’m self employed Painter and Decorator. 


So first of all, congratulations on gaining a place at the TCR 17. What attracted you both to entering this year?


Ian: If you haven’t seen Francis Cade’s VLOG on the TCR04 you should check them out on his channel, I was drawn to the race primarily by these alone.


Neil: I agree Francis’ vlogs are really good and gives you a good insight into the race. I followed a friends progress last year and thought ‘I want a bit of that’


How did you come to ride it as a pair?


Neil: We were both looking into this race as solo entrants but after few discussions we agreed to do it as a pair. 


Ian: Life is about sharing experiences, I trust Neil, not only his legs but his positive attitude towards achieving results. 


How is training going so far? Any punch ups?


Neil: Haha, good so far! We’re both strong minded individuals, I’m sure one of us will snap, probably over something silly. 


Ian: nothing as of yet in regards to arguments, only time will tell.  I can’t wait till I’m on my chinstrap in a service station in the middle of Romania and he looks at me the wrong way. 


What are your chosen steads for the TCR and any special alterations to the bikes or kit?


Neil: I was intending using my Scott race bike but recently got hit by a Land Rover so that’s written off, I’m on a second hand Giant but really not wanting to take it, so I’m in talks with Shaun at Granule Frameworks to build me something sweet. 


Ian: Bottechia T1 Tourmalet – aero bike, it’s actually my road race bike until a few weeks before the TCR.


How do you come to plotting your route, is there any guidelines?


Ian: I would like to hope we can have a few beers and go through the route together in either of our homes, perhaps once it’s plotted rehearse in our own heads the key points between each city, I currently have a massive map of Europe up on my clinic wall which I stare at occasionally to try and comprehend the magnitude of the race itself.


So what sort of distance will you be looking to cover per day?


Neil: Our goal per day is 200-220 miles as a minimum. 



What do you want to get out of TCR?


Ian: I want to race the TCR to remind me why my good mate Tom Stringer got me into cycling, just riding, enjoying the descents and suffering on the climbs. The sense of freedom and occasionally remind myself someone somewhere will be “dot watching” our location on the race. 


Neil: Some serious tan lines! I love being out on my bike, seeing parts of the world that I’d most likely never see is a big tick. 


What are you most looking forward to/dreading about the TCR?


Ian: Medical emergency!! We have discussed the importance should an accident occur we are vigilant and well-rehearsed on basic CPR and first aid.  This is a key skill most cyclists should know verbatim.


Neil: Most looking forward to finishing, both in one piece and having a cold Beer. Dreading getting back on the bike to ride 150miles to the nearest airport! 


We will have more articles with Ian and Neil on their TCR experience coming, so keep your eyes peeled. You can also following how their progress on facebook here.

Good luck training guys!


I would also like to pay our respects to the Legend that was Mike Hall. I was devastated to hear about the loss of his incredible life. He was an inspiration to thousands of cyclists around the world and a game changer in Ultra-Endurance cycling.

Our thoughts go out to his friends and family. Everyone who rides the TCR this year will be riding it for you Mike.

Joshua Page



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