That paint job though…




Choices, Choices, Choices…


With the spray job almost complete. It was time to finally make up our minds on what lacquer to go with; Gloss, Matte or Satin. Gloss would give the classic finish and one that is a lot easier to repair if we were to chip the paint work. Or Matte. A very ‘on point’ look at the moment, although almost impossible to repair if chipped. And Satin, well that was neither here or there.

So, obviously we went with Matte!

And with good reason! BAAW stands for ‘Bike Against A Wall’. Now with this being in the title, it is obviously a big part of the build ethos. And so we had to go with it, and it does look amazing.




A huge thank you to Aprire for the work that has gone into the #projectBAAW so far. That paint job is second to none!

You can contact Aprire here for details on their paint workshop

More images and videos of the build to come.

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