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For those who couldn’t make it to Spin or maybe you just want to relive the weekend, either way, we’ve got a few snaps and a short video for your perusal.

We weren’t to sure what to expect when heading into the heart of East London for a cycling festival, although walking along Brick Lane towards The Old Truman Brewery we started to get an idea, with the sheer amount of Fixies on display, but we came away pleasantly surprised.

Spin is probably one of the most friendly, and the least in your face: ‘DO YOU WANT TO BUY THIS’ trade shows out there. Obviously, the festival still boils down to sales, but as you wander through the Truman Brewery you don’t get a sense of this. Everyone is relaxed and having a good time. The brands are all super friendly and happy to help. And the vast diversity of exhibitors will keep you occupied for hours! Fold up bikes next to cycling apparel next to a new spray shop next to Ella Bull; a jeweller making custom headbadges. I could go on. I won’t; but for us, the exhibitors are what really made this ‘Cycling Festival’. Its a chance for the smaller brands to show us what they do and give us an opportunity to meet the brains behind them. You can speak directly to the person who built the bike you ride or designed the kit you wear and their passion really shines through. If you are not interested in splashing out, you can quite pleasantly wander round and marvel at some of the gorgeous bikes on show.

As you would expect with a ‘cycling festival, there is some lovely coffee to fuel your ride home and if you came by public transport; beer is in abundance, in particular Honest Brew, a great craft beer company.

Overall it was a great weekend of #bikeperving and a chance to meet some real talent along the way. If you couldn’t make it this year, you certainly should pop down next year!


SpinLDN Gallery
















Thanks to all the Brands who took the time to speak to us.

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