BLOC Titan


Customisable Sunnies for under £60. Ey! What’s the catch?

Customisation of cycling products seems to be a growing area in the cycling market. There’s not a pro rider without his/her personal colour scheme applied to certain pieces of kit warn on the nose. And this, like most products in cycling, filters its way down to us.

The frame and temples are KARBON TX™ bi-core injected that both come in Green, Orange, Black and White.


You can select from the 4 colours on each of the temples and the frame, giving you 16 colour variations and a 7 lens options. Much like its brother the SHADOW, Titan is lightweight, flexible and durable so you don’t have to worry about where you rest them on your coffee stop. The nose strap is adjustable and therefore is very comfortable to wear.

The interchangeable lens system is very easy to use. From just folding the temples into 45° you can simply click each lens out of the frame and replace in the same manner.

The lenses offer great clarity and peripheral vision. The Cat 1-3 lenses offer a great versatility for all light conditions. And very rarely steam up when stopping at traffic lights.

One of the best feature of the Titan is the relative ease you find in placing them into your helmet vents when not in use. This being another “Pro Look”.



Overall these are a great pair of lightweight and versatile sunnies. It would be great if they came in more colour variations but you get what you pay at the end of the day.




Check out the BLOC Titan range here.

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