Evie Richards

2016 UCI Mountain Bike World Championships

Picture by Alex Whitehead/SWpix.com-2016 UCI Mountain Bike Cross-Country World Championships – Great Britain’s Evie Richards after finishing fourth in the Women’s U23 race.

So who is Evie Richards?


Evie, 19, from Worcestershire. Riding for The Great Britain Academy Team.

When did you first get into cycling?


Around 3 years ago I was competing at a high level of hockey and was told to take up another sport to maintain my fitness. My dad had a ride to work scheme and I already was playing most other sports, and cycling was probably the only other sport I wasn’t doing. I loved how we could both go straight out the back door straight into riding together, it was so nice to spend time with him as a thank you for all the car journeys to hockey matches that he did and I know he didn’t actually really enjoy doing!

How are you feeling heading into the Cross season as the reigning U-23 World Champ?


I cannot wait to start, I am so excited to start cross, but I do feel really nervous, as I feel there are great levels of expectations that come with the world champ’s jersey. Last year was my first season racing cross, with the worlds being my first big race, this year I am jumping into the world cups but wearing the jersey, so there is nowhere for me to hide, on my first world cup race I will be expected to do really well!


Photo Credit: Charlie Craig

What do like and dislike the most about Cyclo-Cross?


I would say I’m a pretty brave girl, and not many things make me cry. But after a cross race my feet are so cold, it is so painful it brings me to tears! I love the running when it gets too hard to ride because of the random conditions you get! That’s how I used to race MTB races, if the descent was too hard I would just get off and run the b-lines, I feel like a have new release of energy once I start running.



If you could emulate the career of any other cyclist, who would it be?


We are so lucky to have such amazing female role models on the bike, but I think Laura Trott is just amazing. She always looks so happy and always looks like she is enjoying herself, which I think is so important, and then you add on top all of her success and I think it’s just incredible.


What has been your favourite race of your career so far?


It’s probably pretty obvious that cross words would have to be my favourite race, it was a Surrey race and the fact that it was filmed means I am lucky enough to re-live the experience! Everything came together perfectly, I was so focused I never thought about how cold it was or how hard I was pushing, I just wanted to keep going faster. However, the MTB worlds in Andorra was amazing, as around 20 friends and family flew out to cheer me on. As I came over the finish line it was so special to share the experience with them all. My grandad has Parkinson’s, so normally struggles to watch me race and my elder sister who had never watched me race before were both in pieces crying.


Best move on a bicycle?


On paper I’m actually a pretty rubbish MTB rider as I’m not very good at the skids and wheelies, so my best move is managing to hold on to my bike for dear life and save lots of dodgy downhill descents!

2016 UCI Mountain Bike World Championships

Picture by Alex Whitehead/SWpix.com/British Cycling



Big thanks to Evie for taking the time to get back to us. And Good luck for the rest of the Season.


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